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This "Reality TV Show" is unlike any other. It's aim to not only see these invisible people but to give a hand-up to our Guest.


I’m proposing to use celebrities such as Brad Pitt , Angelina Jolie as the interviewers once the subject (our guest) is in front of a TV studio audience .  I’ve wrote this show in 2002 when I was volunteering at the Holy Apostles soup kitchen here in New York City on Ninth Avenue and 28th St. I spent 13 years there as a volunteer and I grew to know these people intimately. Having grown up in Manhattan, on 25th St., not far from Holy Apostles and parents owning a grocery store where I worked every day as a child, I found to my heart break that many of the people on the soup kitchen line were former customers which provided me and my family with a, living who at this time in their lives﷯ did not have the means to buy the sustenance that they needed. So I decided that one good turn deserves another and I spent a considerable amount of time there in which I learned truly the variety of causes leading to homelessness. It’s not always mental illness, is not always criminal behaviour, sometimes it just happens. My whole point is to put a face and identity on these people who are ignored; mostly due to fear. I decided to put a face on the homeless and bring the matter to light, because homelessness and hunger should not occur as they do in one of the richest countries in the world.


As an Independent Producer/Director I propose a show on the Homeless in New York called 'Forgotten Voices' (copyright© 2014).  I propose to either build or renovate an existing low-rise building in New York City so the homeless guest’s interviewed and featured on the show, is given an apartment and a stipend.  The building will house staff of support personnel who provides support services and assist our guest in any manner needed. The stipend will be set up in a Trust Fund in the amount of $25,000 as a hand up so our guest can address either medical, psychological and or emotional issues they have.  The financial stipend is managed by the assigned caseworker’s manager.

The initial interview, shot documentary style will be at the location(s) on the street, or location where the guest is presently .  We’ll see their world. With their guidance their personality emerges and give voice to the forgotten.


The next phase will happen in front of a live studio audience hosted by a celebrity (Angelina Jolie for example) who will explore the event or events leading up to the guest's homelessness.  We tend to want to not be aware or see these invisible lives. 'Forgotten Voices' brings a face and person into view so we have a better understanding of what in our society causes these souls to withdraw from our world.


If you can even point me in the direction for potential sponsors I would appreciate it.

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