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Born and bred in New York City Jim Graniela built his first darkroom at 10 years old. Dyslectic and Autodidactic he taught himself  and by the age of 12 he was developing and printing black and white and color.   At 18 he was studio Manager for Bob Salomon Studios where his experience included shooting still for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Ballentine Liquor, Pall Mall cigarettes and others national products.  Jim received his Cinematic training at the School of Visual Art, graduating with Honors receiving an award from the American Cinematographers Association for his thesis film.


 Within a week of graduation he worked freelance at Young & Rubicam advertising agency located on Madison Avenue  and 47th St, in New York City. as in-house camera person.  The first director he worked with was, none other than, Orson Welles.  As a matter fact he was lucky enough to be on the set when Orson penned the words "We will have no wine before its time" for the now infamous "Paul Mason" wine commercial; and by the way, that's one he'll never forget.

He would go on to work with  production companies in the city of New York.  From, N Lee Lacy, The FlmTree, Screen Gems, and others making commercials and sometimes working on major feature films such as "Death Wish" and  "Lethal Weapon" series among others. Working on Commercials also for Campbell Soup, Mercedes Benz, American Airlines, Victoria's Secret, Coca-Cola, Crest and many more.


Mike Goldsmith. A native of Washington DC, Received his training at NYU Film School and The London School of Economics (LSE) School of Art and Communications.


Mike began his career as a freelance photojournalist in the UK before returning to New York where he entered the world of advertising. Mike worked as a contract photographer for several large catalogue and fashion houses including the studios of Rick Becker, Micky Kaufman and David Vine. After working as a DP for Horvath Associates Mike moved on to Staret Productions and Goldsmith Studios L.L.C.


In 2012 Mike stepped out of the studio and hit the road with his camera where he created a body of more the 200 fine art pieces many of which have been displayed cross the United States, Asia and Europe.


In 2016 Mike returned to New Work to join the team Ideas in Motion LLC where he serves as President and a principle creative.


His clients include Avon, Bath and Body Works, Revlon, Fortunoff ,Heineken, Absolute Vodka, Women's World and Fashion Week. His corporate resume include American Express, Chase, Routers Martendale Hubbell and the International Olympic Committee.

Elma Bayoneta completed her business education and worked in private industry in the Philippines before coming t to the United States. Elma excels in project management, conceptualizing and handling event details that ensure a smooth flow of events. Her work experience includes management, marketing--especially in branding and promotions. She is a free spirit interested in fashion and has a keen design aesthetic


She recently joined the creative team at Ides in Motion LLC as a freelance consultant. Her focus will be in client communication, production coordination and script consulting.

New York City-based journalist Dan Ochiva writes and consults widely about film and video technology.   In 2009 he started NYC Production & Post News on the web.


The Director of "Good Luck Bad Fortune", Wally Valenti, is making his first Film Directing debut. Born and raised in New York City he's involved in Film, Theatre, and Music since age fifteen.

Joe Herman works for well-known and established agencies and production companies. He also served on the faculty of SVA teaching computer animation, and design

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